• Gillette Mach 3 Mexico

  • California Lottery Triple

  • Tequila Cazadores Boxer

  • Audi Easy

  • Ikea Treenapping

  • Whirlpool Messy

  • Telenet Slinky

  • Lexus Rx To Err is Human

  • Kia Stinger


A truly international Englishman, Bruce was born in Italy and currently lives in Madrid when he isn’t travelling all over the civilized world and America, filming award winning work for internationally renowned ad agencies and world class brands.

Born into a family steeped in visual creativity, he bypassed film school to study 3D interior design at art college, and honed his directing skills by getting his hands dirty on set.

His work manages to be flawlessly cool and totally real at the same time, and his personal sense of style carries over into everything that he does. He’s proven his skills time and again portraying athletes, dancers, and fast moving automobiles, but he can also craft wonderful comic performances in the simplest ways, and everything he does ends up looking bloody gorgeous.