• LYNK & CO 02 Wings

  • UNDERARMOUR Fight Yourself

  • TESLA Embrace



  • SPORTPESA We Are The Light


Jansen+Rodriguez originate from Milan but these days you are as likely to find them in Bangkok, Manila, Mumbai, Shanghai, or Mexico City, creating high velocity visuals for marquee name brands. For the last three years they haven’t sat still and their relentless energy translates directly into their work.
They have combined an enviable range of talents, influences and obsessions (including skating, DJ-ing, surfing, theatrical production, electro music, travel photography, Thai cookery and relentless adventuring) to produce a unique creative vision which is evident in every frame.
Their backgrounds in music making and promo creation can be seen in their expert handling of rhythm and flow, but their mania for truthful storytelling is always visible, so that their commercials are utterly convincing and always memorably gorgeous.