3 words for Paris

3 Words of Paris is a unique digital interactive experience shot, edited and finished by Bang’s directing duo Cokau (Achille Coquerel and Thomas Kauffmann).

The website encourages users to choose three words to describe Paris, and then uses them to create a unique short film that expresses a personalised vision of the city and its people. With a catalogue of over 90,000 words, married to 4,500 illustrative shots, there are endless permutations to explore. The films don’t shy away from the darker sides of the French capital, nor its recent troubles, and reveal so much more than a shiny tourist board view. But whether you are already in love with Paris or you’ve never been, this immersive visual feast will surely have you reaching for your passport, phrasebook and the Eurostar timetables.

The project truly is original, and the site is tremendously addictive;

To watch the four-minute concept film click here

To create your own personal video click here