This online interactive experience is all about engagement. To achieve that we had to create something totally immersive with enough to keep viewers entertained and informed. A seemingly inexhaustible experience that no-one could enjoy in its entirety during one visit.

You decide the level and depth of interactivity making your experience as active as you wish – with enough to satisfy accomplished gamers and devoted film fans. A totally personalised experience, using your own Facebook profile and language to generate unique content just for you.

The backbone of the experience is a road movie which begins with our young hero quitting his job to embark on his dream journey. A journey that will employ every imaginable kind of tyre from a motorbike to a stunt plane, a truck to a sports convertible.

En route he gets involved in a mascot fight, picks up a femme fatale (who ends up stealing his car) and has a tangle with the German police in the company of a giant toucan. All set against a re-imagined version of Johnny Cash’s rollicking rapid fire adventure “I’ve Been Everywhere”.

Interactive diversions are peppered throughout the film like easter eggs. Users can play up to six different interactive movies. There’s also a video game where high scorers can enter competitions to win tickets to major events. Regular updates through the year keep things fresh and topical.

Sharing is a big part of the enjoyment whether it’s showing off your name tattooed on a naked torso of your choice or playing the mascot fight.

Results have been extraordinary.
Analytics show that in the few months since launch there have been 1½ million visits, 40% of them returning visitors. Already people have spent more than 27,000 hours engaging on the site. And they’re not just watching the film, they really are interacting.
Referrals come from nearly a thousand different paid and earned sites … with visitors from 167 of the world’s 190 countries!

Bridgestone really is … Everywhere.

To watch the full length movie without interactive, click here.