This interactive film is a classic YouTube Home Page Takeover in the style of the famous Tippex “Bear” interactive but executed with eye-popping flair and panache.

Showcasing the directing duo Cokau’s sumptuous and inventive visual aesthetic, the collection of filmlets is a headrush of vivid and visceral imagery. That’s precisely the effect that Mercedes and their agency Proximity BBDO Paris were looking for.

From American footballers to polo players, flambéed lipsticks to skittish deer, breakdancers to BMX riders you’re taken on a breathtaking voyage of discovery. Each element touches on one of the sensations you can experience with the brand new GLA model.

Viewers can jump seamlessly all over the narrative using YouTube’s own playing engine or simply let the sensations rush at you in one sustained blast.

To watch the full length movie without interactive, click here.