‘The Big Night’ is a truly seamless interactive experience for the launch of the brand new Subaru Forester. With over 98,304 potential variations it is the most complex branching-narrative film ever created. You could play the film for 2 years continuously and never see the same version twice.

This Spikes winner for ADK Tokyo is inspired by game design where the user interface is utterly transparent and the possibilities seems almost infinite.

All choices have an immediate consequence. And they stack up so that they affect details like the time on the clocks. There are over 40 potential endings alone.
Facebook Connect is built in so that your profile photo appears in the film. And your entire Facebook photo stream might be played within one of the endings.

The interactive film is made up of 172 individual film segments with 46 minutes of footage being used. Equivalent to half a movie.

Play it and see if you can find the hitchhiker.

To watch the trailer click here. To experience the interactive online, click here.