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Everybody knows that the best commercials are the funny ones.

Meet Christopher, a director of comedy commercials, TV shows and films. He started as an editor and has gone on to create his very own form of British comedy. He satisfies our first requirement – he made us laugh.

He deals in the off-beat, pitching relatable characters into absurd situations.

He’s directed Russell Howard, Jamie Demetriou, Bill Bailey and the Horrible Histories cast, and smashed a series of hilarious commercials for PlayStation.

He also has a deft touch with the darker side of comedy, luring Garth Marenghi out of retirement for a Satanic Christmas special and catching the eye of Bang TVs Head of HeadHunting with his deeply disturbing ten minute techno-terror trip “Aria”.

He has the most luxuriant head of hair ever seen outside of a Pantene commercial, and would definitely prefer it if you didn’t call him Chris, Chrissie or Cliff.