• Ramlösa Bubbles

  • Audi Quattro Snow

  • BMW Z4

  • Continental Who Cares?

  • Scandinavian Airlines Sustainability

  • Giorgio & Kylie Right Here


Swedish-born Daniel Börjesson has a real knack for delicately blending real emotional honesty, relatable human moments and strikingly beautiful visuals.
Daniel studied at film school in Los Angeles and stayed on in the US working as an assistant director and assistant editor on features and commercials.  But he missed the snow and the cold and the great jumpers of home, so he returned to Sweden and spent the next two and a half weeks learning everything there is to know about producing commercials and music videos.
But of course he really wanted to be a director. Who doesn’t? But a better kind of director, one who knows how to put every possible penny in front of camera, creating more out of less without ever compromising on the spectacle.
And he loves to dig deep into a script, exploring every possible angle to bring out moments and facets that will make the whole thing soar. That’s really his thing.
It’s earned him numerous awards and prestigious work for big-league clients and artists such as BMW, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Ford, Porsche, Volvo as well as Kylie Minogue & Giorgio Moroder, and SAS (the airline, not the scary blokes in black from Hereford).