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Unusually for Bang Directors, Iain is English to the core. He studied photographic arts in London and cut his teeth as a commercials cinematographer before taking up the riding crop, megaphone and canvas chair marked “Director”, with the intention of galloping off with the glamour, the glory and the girls.
His cinematic eye, tireless creativity, and attention to detail is apparent in every shot as he creates rich and stunning visuals.
Iain has won cupboards full of Directing awards, including Cannes Lions, D&AD pencils, London International Advertising Awards and even a place on Campaign Brief’s list of the top 20 directors of all time. He has worked with brands from America, Europe and Australia including Campbell’s, Chevy, Coors Light, Dow, Ford, Lexus, McDonald’s, Mercedes, NZ Post, PNC Bank, Subaru, and Visa.
Iain’s wide ranging body of work includes humour, dramatic performance, sleek car action, and moving story-telling, all captured in a unique cinematic style.
And in spite of all that, he has managed to remain a thoroughly lovely chap.