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It’s no small claim to say that James is as agreeable as he is talented.

His skill at film-making is equalled by his passion for food, and he has spent the last few years combining the two with great success.

He shoots real people and real food beautifully, capturing moments of inspiration wherever the story takes him. Working as cinematographer and director on projects allows him to express his distinctive style with the minimum of fuss, and create intimate, genuine, moving moments of humanity & delicious food. His stand out work is his series of docu-films for Volvo launched in 2019 with more coming in 2020.

Over the past few years he’s worked with a whole heap of wonderful brands including Vodafone Baileys and Kenwood.

In 2017 James was shortlisted for a Shots Young Directors Award in Cannes for his film ‘Why This Road?’ and won an EVCOM Silver Screen award for Cinematography on his series of films for Dorset Cereals.

And he looks like a young Grizzly Adams. What’s not to like?