• Asics I Move Me

  • Lamborghini Ferocious

  • Lynk & Co 02 Wings

  • Audi Black Magic

  • Lynk & Co Every time

  • Tesla Embrace


You are going to love Jansen. He started directing music videos after an early career in DJ-ing, music production and all -round international adventuring. It’s given him an instinctive understanding of the rhythms of visual communication. He’s got a passion for style and a visceral contemporary aesthetic. His films are eclectic and innovative. Whatever he shoots looks fresh and fabulous, from actors and athletes to cars and clothes.
Originally from Milan, he’s become a true Internationalist, as likely to be found in Shanghai, Barcelona or Mexico City as in his home town. His reel has a global reach too, with satisfied clients and agencies all over the world.
He’s everything you’d expect from an energetically creative Italian director, and on top of that he is unfailingly charming, whatever the challenges.