• J├Ągermeister Sorry

  • Cupra VZ5

  • DJI Leap

  • BitWalking Money by movement

  • Ford Mustang On the way

  • Scott Snow Entry


Jari is a London-based Italian film director, and Lord knows we can always use another one of those.

He loves to juggle a succession of contrasting impulses – music, rhythm, dance, landscapes, odd and eccentric characters, primal aesthetics and unexpected cuts, combining to plunge the viewer into an immersive experience.

His films have focused on the Lifestyle, Fashion, Action, Wild Urban, Automotive, Extreme Sports and Nature.

He started out making extreme sports films, often being as daring as the subjects in front of the camera.

After a stint in Barcelona, where he worked with some of the most celebrated directors in Spain, he made his directing debut and shot a number of successful music videos. MTV even gave him an award, but he hardly ever mentions it.

Soon afterwards he launched his career as an independent commercial director, working internationally between Italy, Spain, the US and the UK, for brands as varied as Pepsi, Dolce & Gabbana, Mustang, Red Bull, UniCredit and DJI.

And on top of all that, he is delightful, hilarious company.