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Sharon had established herself as a successful commercials and documentaries director long before her first feature film Bridget Jones’s Diary. Her debut feature managed to be both hilariously funny and seriously successful, becoming one of the biggest box office romantic comedies of all time.

As a director Sharon is remarkable in that she’s equally well known for her beautifully crafted imagery as for her performance and comedy direction.

She has directed commercials for some of the UK’s best agencies: AMV, BBH, DDB and JWT on major brands including Bertolli, British Telecom, Camelot, Kellogg’s, Volkswagen and Volvo.

She was asked back to direct the third in the Bridget Jones trilogy, Bridget Jones’s Baby, having passed the opportunity to direct the second (less good) Bridget . She also worked with Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams in the moving family drama Incendiary , and closed out 2020 with the hilarious, effects-y Christmas comedy Godmothered.

The critical response to Bridget Jones’s Baby has been pretty unequivocal:

“A brilliant piece of physical comedy” Wendy Ide, The Observer

“More than a match for the original, the third outing for Bridget has a solid story thanks to the much-missed onscreen magic created by a director and her leading woman,” Terri White, Empire Magazine

“Returning director Sharon Maguire manages to craft the strongest and funniest film of the series,” Brian Truitt, USA Today

“Sharon Maguire never loses affectionate sight of the core character or the larger female experience. So while we still get the physical comedy of two sparring men, we also get bullseye jokes about childbirth, sex, parenting and work that will have either gender snorting. Maguire and her charming cast have essentially managed cleverly revisiting a beloved character without reinventing or re-hashing,” Jane Crowther, Total Film

“This relatable character comes not just from Zellweger’s performance, but also from the assured direction of Sharon Maguire,” Katie Walsh, LA Times

When she’s not curating her vast collection of original Barry White vinyl, Sharon is keeping busy developing several feature and TV series projects in the US and the UK.